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Smoking, Vaping or Good Oral Hygiene? | Cheeeese

Smoking, Vaping or Good Oral Hygiene? | Cheeeese


Similar to smoking, vaping has gone viral around the globe with massively misleading marketing campaigns. The vaping trends have a lot in common around the globe, especially among the young generation. Although vaping was designed for cigarette smokers to quit smoking, the trends have “successfully” influenced non-cigarette smokers to try out this “cool thing.”

Whether smoking or vaping is just a habit or an addiction, people know both are not good for dental health. But actually, “oral health is the gateway to overall health.”

So, we recommend dropping both, but if you can’t, you should at least take extra care of your dental health.

How does smoking/vaping affect your oral health?

Both smoking and vaping are legal, but it doesn’t mean they are encouraged in your daily routines. It’s never too late to drop them if you want.

Before diving into what smokers should do, let’s take a look at why smoking and vaping are bad for your oral health.

-      Why do people smoke/vape?

First of all, when people are smoking or vaping, they are “looking for” the same thing—nicotine, or perhaps socializing.

Oralcheeeese | Nicotine is why tobacco products are addictive. Use oralcheeeese affordable elelctric toothbrushes to improve dental health.

Chances are smokers have learned that nicotine is harmful and addictive before trying. Indeed, cigarettes deliver a certain amount of nicotine by burning tobacco. Vaping gives you a similar feel with less harm by heating a liquid.

-      How do these harmful toxins affect your oral health?

Your oral health starts to be affected when these toxicants begin to change the environment in your mouth.

The contents of smoke contain sticky and toxic substances like tar that can stick on your teeth, gum lines, and tongue. These harmful toxins create a breeding environment for bacteria in your mouth. Your oral hygiene starts to get worse when the sticky substances are not brushed away with proper daily dental care.

They can stain your teeth, penetrate the enamel, and cause gum inflammation when the dental bacteria remain for a prolonged period of time. As a result, you will most likely have stinky breath, discolored teeth, and a smoker’s tongue.

So, if you don’t want to drop cigarettes or vapes, the first step to maintaining good oral hygiene is to take care of your teeth, gums, and tongue with enough attention.

What extra dental care work should cigarette/vape smokers do?

We have general oral care knowledge and resources published weekly on Cheeeese’s Oral Health Education. Extra care in this post is recommended for cigarette/vape smokers.

-      Brush your teeth carefully with an electric toothbrush

Frankly speaking, a manual toothbrush can’t even effectively brush away coffee, tea stains, let alone sticky stains from smoking.

Firstly, removing stains isn’t just about whitening your teeth, but always protecting your teeth from being exposed to bacteria. The good thing about an electric toothbrush is you can easily adjust your brushing routine to achieve certain results with individualized brush head replacements without throwing away the whole brush.

With a high-frequency brushing vibration, an electric toothbrush does a much better job at dental/stain removal than a traditional toothbrush. You may still use a manual toothbrush, but you’ll need to do more self-checks and other dental care, such as more dental visits and cleanings.

The oral health care industry has made remarkable achievements in the past years. Electric toothbrushes, also known as ultrasonic toothbrushes or ultra clean electric toothbrushes, have become more affordable to everyone. From 50 US$ to 800 US$, you have tons of options to choose from.

If money isn’t a problem, Oral B and Sonicare have premium options with advanced features like AI and a tracking app. Big names have mid-range products if you have a budget, but you will most likely get a better deal from small brands. Not only will you get a better price, but you also have a great product that can keep your smiles brighter.

For example, Cheeeese got the best travel electric toothbrush (300-day battery life) powered by magnetic levitation sonic motor, and for sensitive teeth with multiple bristles options.


Oralcheeeese | Oralcheeeese soft bristle electric toothbrush for sensitive teeth.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be a travel ultrasonic toothbrush. But why bother charging every other week if one single charge can keep your smiles fresh for around 300 days? You can make your brushing routine easier.

-      Choose your toothpaste wisely

There’re particular (whitening) types of toothpaste for smokers. Removing stains is important, but overuse of this toothpaste can damage enamel or cause sensitive teeth. So, you should be careful with the amount. It’s wise to ask your dentist for advice.

-      Clean your tongue

Your tongue is the favorite spot for odor-causing bacteria. That’s usually where bad breath comes from. Smokers will most likely have a fuzzy buildup on the tongue’s surface. The bacteria can lead to other oral issues if not brushed away properly.

-      Use mouthwash

Having stinky breath is quite common among smokers. Mouthwash can stop bacteria from thriving in your mouth, which can help maintain a healthy mouth environment.

-      Do self-checks

C-h-e-e-e-e-s-e more in the mirror is essential as regular self-checks allow you to spot the signs of problems before it’s too late. When necessary, you will know you got some work to do, like more brushing and flossing, without having to run for a dental check.

-      Visit a dentist on a regular basis

In general, dentists recommend a regular check-up every 6 months for everyone, including non-smokers. In this case, you should check with your dentists whether you need more visits and cleanings. After all, dental care is individualized.

Final thoughts

We encourage confident smiles from within. But once again, for a fresh smile, a healthy lifestyle, we encourage you to stop smoking/vaping if you can.

And remember to c-h-e-e-e-e-s-e more!

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