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How Oral Health Impacts Overall Health | Cheeeese

How Oral Health Impacts Overall Health | Cheeeese


Did you know the health of your mouth directly impacts the rest of your health? Poor oral health is linked to several diseases and health conditions. Oral diseases can increase disease in the rest of the body.

 In addition to oral diseases and problems from poor oral health, like tooth decay, cavities, gum disease, bad breath, and even mouth cancer, there are other ways poor oral health can impact the rest of the body, that go beyond the mouth.


 Ways oral health impacts the rest of the body

Many conditions and diseases can begin in the mouth. Oral hygiene impacts major organs and functions throughout the body.


Some of these links can be found in:

 The Brain

 Stroke has been associated with bad oral hygiene. Bad bacteria in the mouth can increase your chances of a stroke.


The Lungs

 Bacteria found in the mouth and dental plaque can make their way to the lungs and cause illnesses like pneumonia and other respiratory infections.


The Heart

 If you don’t take care of your oral health, this increases inflammation in the mouth which spreads to inflammation in the heart. This can increase your chances of heart conditions, including heart attack.


The Pancreas

 Poor pancreas health, usually caused by diabetes, increases your chances of getting gingivitis and other gum diseases. This example begins with your overall health which then spreads to the health of your mouth.

 If you are diabetic, you must be especially mindful of your gums and oral health, as poor insulin production contributes to gum problems.


The Kidneys

 If your mouth is full of bad bacteria, this gets swallowed and processed through the kidneys. An overload of toxins will overwhelm the kidneys and lead to health issues and diseases throughout the body.

 Good oral health habits increase the health of your kidneys, and other functions because fewer bad bacteria are being spread throughout the body.



Health begins in the mouth


Through proper oral hygiene habits, you can achieve a happy mouth as well as improved overall health for the rest of your body.


There’s no reason to fear disease being spread throughout the body, when the gateway to your body, your mouth, is being taken care of every day through daily and consistent habits. Here are ways you can begin today:


 10 oral hygiene habits to improve bodily health



Eat healthy foods

 The foods you eat have a direct impact on every aspect of your health. Eating vitamin and mineral-rich foods get absorbed throughout the body, but they also help to reduce bad bacteria in the mouth when you are supporting oral health with good and healthy foods.


Choose a balanced and whole diet, with anti-inflammatory foods to increase your health in the mouth and body.



Avoid certain foods

 Some foods are more inflammatory than others. There are certain foods you should avoid to support oral and bodily health. These can include:


  • Refined sugar
  • Candies and sweets
  • Alcohol
  • Processed foods
  • Fried foods



Use the right toothbrush

 The proper cleaning tool, your toothbrush, makes a huge difference in your dental health, which then increases the rest of your health.

 Investing in a good toothbrush will keep those pearly whites clean and keep bacteria from spreading to the rest of your body because they are being brushed away.



Practice proper brushing techniques

 When it comes to brushing, the matter of the right technique.

 Make sure to brush gently, use circular motions, never start in the same place every single time, and don’t forget your gums. It’s important to brush your gums, softly, in addition to brushing your teeth.

 Ask your dentist next time you visit to refresh your memory on the proper brushing techniques for your mouth.



Clean the tongue

 Many people neglect cleaning and scraping their tongues. Bacteria can live on the surface of the tongue and buildup can occur. Scrape and clean your tongue every day after brushing.

 There are products made specifically for cleaning your tongue, but you can also take your toothbrush and brush the surface of your tongue to clean.



Don’t forget the roof and sides of your mouth

 In addition to cleaning your tongue every day, don’t forget to clean the roof of your mouth as well as the sides of your mouth.

 When it comes to brushing your teeth, you need to remember to brush and clean the rest of your mouth as well. This removes any bacteria buildup that could be living in your mouth not found on the surfaces of your teeth.

 Once you’re all brushed and cleansed, go in with a good mouthwash to rinse everything out.



Floss every single day

 This one is a given, but you can’t neglect to floss each day. Bacteria can get stuck in hard-to-reach places that a toothbrush may not be able to reach.

 Flossing gets into all those nooks and crannies, leaving your mouth perfectly clean and polished.



Chew gum after meals

 When you don’t have access to be able to brush your teeth immediately after a meal, keeping chewing gum with you to chew on after meals can keep your mouth feeling fresh and clean until you’re able to brush thoroughly later.

 Make sure to opt for sugar-free gum as gum made with sugar will hurt oral health while chewing.


Clean your Sonic electric toothbrush

 One step we often neglect when it comes to oral health is cleaning our toothbrushes. Of course, rinsing your brush each time you use it is important. You should also sanitize and deep clean your brush once a week.

 Simply run hot water over the brush for 15-30 seconds to sanitize and deep clean it.



Be consistent

 Make oral health a natural rhythm in your life. Create brushing and flossing schedules, make sure to go to regular dentist appointments, replace old toothbrushes with new ones, etc.

 Develop these habits over time, practicing them every single day, so they become second nature in your life.


 A happy mouth is a happy body


Taking care of your body begins in your mouth. When your oral habits are good, your body will feel good and be healthier because of it.


With good and healthy oral habits, you decrease disease and bacteria not only found in your mouth but throughout your entire body. When the mouth is happy, all of you are happy.

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